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Meet Dr. Ivan M Esra


Dr. Esra completed his undergraduate dental degree at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) with a Bachelor of Dental Science BDS in 1985, a Masters of Science Degree in Dentistry at Wits in 1993, MSc Dent, the 3 year specialized Orthodontic degree and a Master of Science in Dentistry in the branch of Orthodontics M.Dent (Ortho) also at Wits in 1995. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree B.Comm from the University of South Africa (UNISA), which he completed in 1991.

From 1996 until 2014. He also held a part-time specialist consultant position in the Department of Orthodontics, in the School of Oral Health at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has both presented courses and webinars in Orthodontics locally in South Africa, Namibia and India.

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The initial consultation includes a thorough examination and discussion of potential treatment options by Dr. Esra. He will perform an intra-oral examination to determine the current dental status If orthodontic treatment is advised, and if this is the appropriate time to begin your treatment. 

The next step consists of pre-treatment orthodontic records which are required for a full diagnosis and treatment planning. 

These will include:

  • Clinical photographs of the face and jaw.

  • Digital X-rats of the teeth and jaws.

  • possibly a wrist X-ray to determine the growth status.

  • Digital scans or impressions for dental study casts.


After the records have been completed, Dr Esra will address the following:

  • Establish your personal goals, objectives and the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

  • The types of braces which are available to treat your orthodontic needs.

  • The estimated duration of the treatment including the period of active braces as well as the retention period.

  • The expected treatment outcomes and possible risks.

  • The estimated cost of treatment. The combination of these two main factors will determine the cost of your orthodontic treatment with braces and or aligners:

    • The length of time the orthodontic issues require to correct.​

    • the complexity of the orthodontic issues.

  • The payment structures we offer have a variety of affordable and interest-free payment options that make your journey to a healthy, beautiful new smile achievable

A written diagnosis, treatment plan and payment structure will be provided. Once you are in accordance with the treatment proposal the orthodontic treatment can begin.


Be sure to contact us with your email address to receive all the up to date announcements about patient orthodontic care at Esra Orthodontics.

We request patients to adhere to the request for physical distancing, reduced contact with patients and minimizing the potential for droplet spray generation in our offices. Please be aware of the following protocols that have been implemented as per the South Africa Dental Association:

  • Mask wear is mandatory at our offices 

  • Our waiting room has limited accessibility and only for patient transition; parents, guardians and other family members are asked to wait in the car where possible

  • We encourage patients to bring a cell phone into the clinic and the clinic team can update parents and guardians with a recorded message during the appointment

  • Our brushing stations are closed for use, brush thoroughly before you arrive

  • Patients and parents who enter the office are asked to sanitize their hands prior to their appointment

  • Patients and attending parents arriving in the clinic will each be required to complete this COVID-19 patient consent form within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment – this must be received prior to attendance of the appointment. Screening questions and temperature readings will be completed prior to your appointment start time.

  • Patients will be requested to gargle with the provided mouthwash prior to being attended to by the clinical team

  • If you have an appointment scheduled, we ask that you alert our office immediately if the patient or any family members develop cough, cold, or flu-like symptoms or have traveled, as we will need to reschedule the appointment

Orthodontic Conditions

This occurs where there is excess tooth structure in relation to jaw size which results in a misalignment of the teeth in the arch.


When the mouth is closed and the lower front teeth are in front of the upper teeth, which can cause the lower jaw to be too forward.


Anterior Cross-bite This is a misalignment of teeth, where the upper anterior teeth fit inside of the lower anterior teeth.

Posterior cross-bite This is a misalignment of teeth, where the upper posterior teeth fit on the inside of the lower posterior teeth


This is when the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth.

Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is usually incorrectly angulated and thus cannot erupt into the correct position in the mouth. Correction is achieved by surgical exposure of the impacted tooth which is attached to an arch-wire and brought into the correct position in the mouth

Tongue Thrust

This is when the tongue protrudes against the upper and or lower front teeth.

Thumb Sucking

Continuous thumb sucking can cause misalignment of the child's permanent teeth and affect the jaw or shape and roof of the mouth.


This is a type of malocclusion, which means the teeth aren't aligned properly when the jaw is closed.

Deep bite Malocclusions

This is when the upper anterior extremely overlap the lower anterior teeth when the back teeth are closed.

Overjet CI II

This kind of bite is when the upper teeth extend too far forward or the lower teeth not forward enough.

Underbite CI III

This occurs when the lower jaw is too far forward causing the lower jaw and teeth to overlap with the upper jaw and teeth.


This occurs where there is reduced tooth structure in relation to jaw size which results in a misalignment of the teeth in the arch.

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Highlands North Practice
Postal Address:

PO Box 1129
Highlands North
2037 Johannesburg

Physical Address:

101 Highlands North Medical Centre
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2192 Highlands North

Operating Hours:
City Practice
Physical Address:

604 Lister Building
Jeppe Street (Corner Small Street)

*Parking available in the basement of the building, entrance on Bree Street

Operating Hours:

Tuesday 9:30-12:00



Contact Number:

Landline: (011) 337-6336

Monday – Friday  8:30AM – 5:00PM


Contact Numbers:

Landline: (011) 786-8596
Practice Cell Phone Number: 076 411 7196

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