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    We trust this website will answer most of your questions regarding orthodontic treatment in general and our practice in particular.

    When you join us you become part of a team.

    Smile with confidenceOrthodontics is a team effort, with you as the main player. We’ll be working together to give you that healthy, winning smile.

    Our personnel, procedures, equipment and patient care area have been chosen and designed with great care and thought to provide you with excellent treatment in a relaxed, friendly, pleasant and efficient atmosphere.

    We hope all your experiences in our practice will be pleasant and rewarding. Suggestions, comments and queries are always welcome.

    Looking forward to exchanging great smiles with you!

    Yours Sincerely,

    Dr Ivan M Esra
    BDS (Rand)
    BComm (Unisa)
    MSc (Dent) (Rand)
    MDent (Orth) (Rand)

    Dr Esra maintains a full-time private practice and is on the Specialist Teaching Staff at the University of the Witwatersrand in the School of Dental Health
  • A Beautiful, Healthy Smile!

    Whether you are a teenage boy or girl competing in high school, a university graduate about to begin your professional career, a young executive striving to establish your position in the business world, a young mother attempting to create an ideal image for your children, a child standing on the threshold of a lifetime or a grandmother who is enjoying a senior position within the family circle…

    A beautiful healthy smile translates into happiness, invites communication and opens doors to success and fulfilment.

    The improved function associated with correctly aligned teeth will assist you to keep your teeth for life!

    What Is Orthodontics?

    Orthodontics is the speciality of dentistry that evaluates and corrects the development and growth of the teeth, jaws and associated soft tissues, in order to establish an aesthetic and healthy functioning dentition in balance with the face. A beautiful or handsome facial appearance depends on this harmony, proportion and balance.

    Your First Appointment

    It is important for a child’s first orthodontic examination to take place as soon as the problem is recognised (at approximately 8 years of age). This allows for the corrective treatment, if necessary, to be initiated at the age that is best for that child.

    The first visit is considered as a consultation. No definitive procedures are carried out at this time. This appointment is purely for the purpose of determining if there is a viable case for orthodontic treatment.

    General information, including possible treatment methods, approximate treatment time and fees can be discussed during this initial examination visit.

    If Treatment Is Indicated

    The key to success in orthodontic treatment is a thorough and accurate diagnosis.

    No two patients are treated in exactly the same way. Each patient is evaluated as an individual and each treatment plan is quite specific.

    Two appointments are made for the immediate future:

    1. The first is a complete orthodontic investigation:
    checkmark Medical and dental history
    checkmark Clinical examination
    checkmark Study models
    checkmark Facial photographs
    checkmark Complete intra-oral and extra-oral x-rays

    2. The second appointment is for discussion of:
    checkmark Patient’s problems
    checkmark Complete treatment plan with objectives
    checkmark Estimated treatment time
    checkmark Possible alternatives
    checkmark Total fee structure
  • Our Orthodontic Procedures

    Patient co-operation

    The most difficult challenge in orthodontic treatment is patient motivation. If the patient does not co-operate by following instructions, keeping teeth clean, being on time for and not missing appointments and caring for the appliance properly, the most sophisticated treatment plan or appliance will fail to produce a satisfactory result.


    A doctor’s referral is not necessary. Patients are seen by appointment only. We ask that you keep all appointments punctually because it is usual for the doctor to see patients at their appointed time without undue waiting.

    If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify the office in good time, so that we may utilise your appointment time.

    Surgery Hours

    Our Highlands North surgery is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, while our city surgery is open every Tuesday from 10:00 to 12:00 and every last two Thursdays of the month from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


    Costs are determined by the severity of the case and the type of treatment necessary for correction.

    After complete examination, a total fee is established. The fee is presented during the discussion visit. The orthodontic fee does not include work such as cleanings, fillings and extractions that are carried out by a patient’s dentist. If, after discussion, treatment is not undertaken, the costs incurred will be limited to the cost of the completed investigation.

    All fees will be discussed prior to performance of a service. It is customary to budget orthodontic fees over the period of treatment. Payment is due automatically at the beginning of each month, irrespective of the appointment schedule.

    Patients or their parents are directly responsible for the payment of all accounts. The presentation of a detailed statement reflecting the relevant credits should be adequate for the purpose of claiming from your medical aid. Receipts are not generally issued for payments made by cheque.

    If financial problems arise, please feel free to discuss them with us.
  • Contact details:

    Highlands North Practice

    Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday

    Telephone: (011) 786-8596
    Fax: (011) 786-4132

    Practice Cell Phone Number: 076 411 7196

    Postal Address:
    PO Box 1129
    Highlands North
    2037 Johannesburg

    Physical Address:
    101 Highlands North Medical Centre
    Cnr Louis Botha & 3rd Ave.
    2192 Highlands North

    *** Click here for street map. ***

    City Practice

    Tue 10:00-12:00 and the last 2 Thursdays of the month

    Telephone: (011) 337-6336

    Physical Address:
    604 Lister Building
    Jeppe Street (Corner Small Street)

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